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Cryptic Case ships escape rooms to your front door!

Cryptic Case will ship a box right to your door! For example with our Nature box. Enjoy the fun and exciting adventures that come with camping, as you and your team work together to solve puzzles, forage, and find your way out of the forest! These take home escape games are perfect for family night, parties, or a cozy night at home! With 10 themes and growing, we are sure to have something for everyone to enjoy.

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Each series of boxes are designed to challenge you and your team with loads of interactive and logical puzzles throughout the story. Your mission is to solve your way through the box using the materials provided but don’t forget, every adventure is different and has their own objectives for you to uncover! The best part is, you never have to leave the house to play! We’ll come straight to your door and provide fun for your friends and family for hours! By using your wits, cunning, and possibly a little hint from us, you’ll be professional escape artists in no time!

  • Play at Home
    We’ve added convenience to the fun! Our boxes ship directly to your door! The sleek, portable design makes it easy to carry the boxes on the go. They are a great option for game nights with friends and they are the perfect present for the puzzle-lover in your life!
  • Augmented Reality
    Apart from other boxes, we have incorporated AR technology throughout our game to give you a more exciting, immersive experience! It adds a fun aspect to your adventure and it's easy for the whole family to use!
  • Creative Stories
    Immerse yourself in our creative, original storylines. Become one of the characters as you make your way through various journeys in all different types of locations without ever leaving your living room!
  • Friends and Family
    While you can always take on our boxes on your own, you have the ability to build and name your very own team! Take turns looking for hints and solving puzzles as you guys work together to get through your story! All of our games are family friendly and great for all ages!
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frequently asked questions

You receive one box per order, unless you order multiple boxes.

Each box costs only $25 including shipping!

The game can take 60-90 minutes to complete, but you can take all of the time you need!

If you are ordering a new box or starting your subscription today then your box will ship within 48hours. Otherwise future Monthly Boxes will ship out every 15th of the next month.

Annual Birthday boxes will be shipped within 48 hours of sign up and on that date each year.

Single purchase retired boxes will be sent within 48 hours.

Yes! The Cluekeeper app will work on any modern day smartphone!

Yes! The app keeps track of your team’s progress as you move through the game. It will also be used to provide hints and use the augmented reality feature!